May 2015

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As real estate acquisition becomes more challenging and rents increase, a recent survey conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute has named Calgary and Edmonton, respectively, among the top locations for real estate investment. The survey places Edmonton and Calgary above Toronto and Vancouver, which previously held the top spots.

In fact, in North America in general, Canada may be the stand out winner in this regard. PwC Canada’s real estate leader, Lori-Ann Beausoleil, said, “The Canadian real estate community understands real estate fundamentals and knows how to react to fluctuations in monetary policy and capital markets. Canada’s real estate industry continues to operate well despite uncertainties in domestic and

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The purchase of a 140 million pound ($259 million) 16,000 square foot unfurnished penthouse at the One Hyde Park apartment block by an unnamed buyer has made waves throughout the London real estate market. Developer CPC Group says the penthouse, when fully furnished may be worth up to 175 million pounds. The record setting transaction has some experts warning that the trend of rising prices may not be sustainable.

Some wonder if there is a risk of a real estate bubble coming to London with such sales and rising prices.

Development manager and interior designer of One Hyde Park is Nick Candy of Candy & Candy. He has said, “We’re in boom-time prices, more expensive than we’ve ever been in the history of mankind.” He went on to explain that the high

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The arena district downtown is getting a new addition near Rogers Place. It was announced last week that a new theatre complex, built by Cineplex Entertainment, is expected to open some time in 2018. It will be built on the current site of the Greyhound bus depot.

The location will be on 103 Street and will be next to other newly planned buildings. While the details have not yet been released on the other buildings Glen Scott, Senior Vice President of Katz Group, said that one of the new buildings will be tall and will include large retailers.

In addition, a large apartment complex will be built in the area. More details on the other buildings will be released in the next few months.

The theatre complex will feature a lounge, two premium UltraAVX

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Edmonton – Shannon White and Adrien Desaulniers were recently married in September. They obviously had high hopes to build a house together in Old Strathcona, but their hope, as well as their house, were a bit too high, evidently.

According to the Edmonton Journal, the newlyweds have been told that the new infill construction at 9805 83rd Avenue has been built too tall and without a permit, therefore ordered to be torn down. The roof of the house is over a metre above what the maximum allowed height is for the neighborhood rules. Not only is the roof not to code, but the first floor is 2.45 metres above grade as well.

The couple’s lawyer, Shawn Johanson, stated that because of the shallow sewer connection, the home had to be built higher, which is

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