Newlyweds’ Strathcona home torn down for being too tall

Posted by Fine Edmonton Homes on Friday, May 1st, 2015 at 1:40am.

Edmonton – Shannon White and Adrien Desaulniers were recently married in September. They obviously had high hopes to build a house together in Old Strathcona, but their hope, as well as their house, were a bit too high, evidently.

According to the Edmonton Journal, the newlyweds have been told that the new infill construction at 9805 83rd Avenue has been built too tall and without a permit, therefore ordered to be torn down. The roof of the house is over a metre above what the maximum allowed height is for the neighborhood rules. Not only is the roof not to code, but the first floor is 2.45 metres above grade as well.

The couple’s lawyer, Shawn Johanson, stated that because of the shallow sewer connection, the home had to be built higher, which is an issue only discovered by the builder after demolition of the original home.

While the newlywed homeowners attempted an appeal in November to let the house stand, they ended up losing. The neighbors reportedly scoffed at the notion of appealing this issue by calling it “laughable.”

To add fuel to the already “laughable” flame, Johanson reached out to the appeal board to measure the height of the new construction, but by doing so from the top of the dirt beside the foundation. This request was replied to with sarcasm from neighbor Gord Lacey as he stated “We’ll toss dirt against the side of the house and we’ll ask you to measure from that? That’s laughable.”

Lacey continued by saying, “Amassing the dirt around this house will only make it appear this is a tall house with a massive amount of dirt around it.”

As he stood in the middle of the room, he pointed out that he stands six-foot-eight. He makes his way back behind a desk to prove that he is still six-foot-eight, even though you can’t see his feet.

Another neighbor by the name of Amy Gainer, who lives next door to the new house weighed in by stating that “I look through my kitchen window right now at the concrete of the foundation. I believe this affects the value of my property.”

Gord Lacey argued that “the builder clearly intended to cut the city out of the process of building this house. They alone are responsible for the mess this house has become.”

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